While social work is a regulated health profession, treatment by a registered social worker is not covered by OHIP. However, the majority of extended health benefits/insurance program cover clinical therapy. Please check your insurance coverage to see if you are eligible. Treatment provided by a Registered Social Worker has been recognized as income tax deductible medical expense by Revenue Canada. 

Funding is available for forensic and/or sexological risk assessments through Ontario Legal Aid for eligible candidates.

Rates for a General Assessment
Effective April 1, 2022

Consultation Phase:
$185.00 per hour

Treatment Phase:
$150.00 per 50 minutes for individual treatment; $50.00 per hour for group therapy

Method of Treatment:
E-transfer / Cash / Credit Card / Cheque

This service is available to males, females and couples. Please feel free to email or call me.

There may be additional services depending on the needs of the client that could include further clinical interview, psychometric and laboratory tests. The report will cost $175.00 if requested.

Alan Kaine, Clinical Therapist
Tele: 905-578-4127
Email: alankaineclinicalservices@gmail.com

Rates for a Psychosexual/Risk Assessment

If you engage my services, a flat rate of $185.00 per hour will be charged for the assessment. There will be a minimum of two clinical interviews. In addition, there will be collateral contacts, psychometric and physiological (laboratory) tests. The average assessment takes 20 hours that includes laboratory testing, case conference, and comprehensive report. The total cost for the assessment will not exceed $3515.00.

Sexual Preference Testing: If the client requests only the laboratory assessment, the fees will be reduced to a minimum of $975.00 (one laboratory test) to a maximum of $1600.00 (two laboratory test). A re-test for a laboratory test is $875.00.

Polygraph Testing: If the client requests only polygraph testing, the fee is $875.00 for an event specific issue.  


It is understood that payment for therapy will be paid after each scheduled appointment unless other arrangements have been made.

Sessions will be charged in full without 24 hour notice

Request for letters will be charged at my hourly rate for completion

Court Costs: If I have to appear in court as an expert witness, my hourly rate is $200.00 per hour that includes preparation time.