What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapists use a variety of therapeutic interventions to help clients and couples with sexual problems. The primary interventions that are used by Alan Kaine is cognitive-behavioural therapy and other evidence-based treatment programs to assist the client to effectively manage their environment, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours associated with his specific sexual problem(s).

For sexual problems, a therapist must be sensitive and understanding as well as non-judgmental and flexible.

Who Needs Sex Therapy?

Everyone in their lifetime will have some type of sexual problems (i.e., erectile dysfunction). Many of my clients have been reticent and embarrassed to ask for help about their sexual problem since they feel that sex is private, personal and intimate-not something that is easy to talk about. Some of my clients have waited years to address their sexual problem, which has caused considerable distress in their relationships, occupation, health and other aspects of their life. 

Does Sex Therapy Work?

Alan Kaine is only interested in helping those who want to help themselves. Therapy has been effective to my clients who are motivated to make positive changes in their life.

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