Assessment Programs offered by Alan Kaine and Associates:


General Assessment

For general inquiries, there will be a minimum of one clinical interview but it doesn’t usually exceed two appointments. There may be additional services depending on the needs of the client that could include further clinical interviews, psychometric and laboratory tests.


Psychosexual or Risk Assessment

Risk assessment are usually initiated since a client has been charged with a criminal offense or child protection agencies are requesting this type of assessment. There will be a minimum of two clinical interviews. In addition, there will be collateral contacts, psychometric and physiological (laboratory) tests. Psychological testing may also be recommended. Legal Aid: If you are eligible for legal aid, your lawyer can submit an application to have us complete a risk assessment


Phallometric Assessment

Phallometric testing is available without a risk assessment. Psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health practitioners, registered family/sex therapists and lawyers are the primary referral agents.


Polygraphic Examination

If a client has been charged with an alleged sexual offense, polygraph testing is available. Marital and sex therapists may request their clients to have polygraph examinations regarding their sex history disclosures.