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Code of Ethics
of the
Canadian Registry of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists

The Code of Ethics is a brief set of affirmative statements which are basic to the practice of professional counselling and psychotherapy and which apply equally to a broad range of models and approaches.

  1. I will make every effort to complete a comprehensive standard Clinical Assessment at the beginning of the counselling relationship;
  2. If I do not have the skill level to provide the help needed, I will refer a client to other qualified professionals;
  3. Duty to Warn; I will preserve the client's right to confidentiality and will not release any identifying information verbally or in writing without the client's signed permission (excepting the threat of suicide, homicide, or suspected child abuse);
  4. I will not engage in any relationship with the client other than the therpaist-client relationship;
  5. I will not touch a client or convey any message which might be interpreted as expressing sexual feelings for the client;
  6. I will not give a client the false hope that the counselling relationship can be anything more than that, or that it can be permanent;
  7. I will not pressure the client to remain in a counselling relationship against the client's expressed desire to terminate;
  8. I will not require payment of a fee for service before the service has been provided;
  1. I will not use the counselling relationship to convert a client to my particular spiritual or political values and beliefs;
  2. I will provide a safe and private setting for counselling;
  3. I will provide a means for evaluation of progress so that the client is not misled or taken advantage of;
  4. I will be careful to properly assess, prevent, and document the possibility and potential of suicidal or homicidal behaviour by a client;
  5. I will immediately (within 24 hours) report the sexual or physical abuse of a child to the police or other authorized persons;
  6. I will take direct steps to inform the potential victim of homicidal threats made by a client;
  7. I will not use hypnosis or guided imagery as part of the treatment for a client who has been hospitalized for psychosis or major depression;
  8. I will avoid statements to the client which may generate false memories of sexual abuse;
  9. I will not devalue the competence of another practitioner in the presence of a client but will direct any complaints to the appropriate professional disciplinary body.
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